We offer a wide range of customized, high-quality, research-based talent consulting services. We are uniquely well-positioned to help address your talent needs by leveraging our know-how, relationships and service capabilities built over five decades.

Information Technology

Why our IT recruitment agency India is renowned because of our quick, decent and accurate delivery. Our retention of the right executive talent is completely out of the world, thus, easily spread happiness and joy. Our well-trained recruitment consultants are from IT backgrounds and they strive to exceed the clients’ expectations via great selections. Candidates then personally call by these IT recruitment specialists and they make sure to go with the personal interviews, written tests, psychological tests, reference check, medical exams and others to give the best candidates to the companies.

Application development niche is something very demanding and most of the software companies are looking for the right candidates. Using our IT staffing services, any small, medium and big software companies can expect to get the best developer to work on any kind of projects. Our IT experts very well know about A-Z attributes, which are necessary to know by all the candidates, like- analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of the systems. Not only this, our IT recruitment consultant makes sure to find those candidates who can happily work in any cooperative development project, without any hassle. Our specialists are perfect in making up a global network to provide the skills and talent you are looking for.

With a wide range of experience in IT sector, we can create solutions for meeting the most experienced Website Developer. Our IT recruitment agency combines deep technology expertise and program management skills to help all the candidates to make them understand with the business ethics. Moreover, our team works in optimizing the full potential of individuals by motivating them in the boosting their career aspirations. This way, our IT recruitment agency India is able to create the best IT manpower for your IT firm to boost your business and take it to the next level.

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing is again very much in demand and we have the best candidates who can easily work for your company in the very same post. In this niche a set of great strategies, applications, data and processes generally use so that the collection and dissemination of business information work can be done. Data is very much important in any kind of business, however, we got the best people at work who will definitely help in running amazing business operations so easily. For IT candidates, we have unlimited opportunities for them to achieve growth and success as well as for the IT firms.

Being an IT manpower consultancy, we have something for the Project Managers. Yes, we are regularly in communication with so renowned IT companies which always look for the best applicants. We screen the best out of many candidates who got great skill set, including- application of knowledge, experience in handling great tools and techniques and others to meet the project requirements. Aside this, we also recruit candidates for change management, ERP and CRM, testing, architecture, and various others.


With sound fundamentals and tremendous scope for growth, India has one of the most developed Financial markets in the developing world. The sector comprises of commercial banks, insurance companies, NBFCs, pension & mutual funds, and other smaller Financial entities. The banking regulator has allowed new entities such as payments banks to be created recently thereby adding to the types of entities operating in the sector.

The new avenues facing the Financial services sector in India has catalyzed the need to hire highly talented professionals with exhaustive experience and appropriate skills to address the huge growth potential ahead of the industry.

Our role is not limited to being recruiters for different organisations – we act as consultants/advisors to our clients, helping them address critical talent issues. Besides executive recruiting, we also advise them on succession planning. Our industry expertise, proactive approach, and long term association with leading companies position us as the recruiter of choice.


The FMCG sector in India has become a space for intense competition. The market is highly fragmented with almost 50 per cent share with the unbranded, unpackaged home made products. Well established distribution networks, cheap operating costs, easy availability of raw materials, and the presence across the entire value chain are the factors highly supportive of the FMCG sector in India.

The FMCG sector continues to face the war for talent, with the number of people with disposable income growing every year. Indian FMCG professionals in the marketing field are considered the best, with many of them leading organisations worldwide. Sales & marketing professionals from FMCG companies have been poached by companies from other sectors and the trend is likely to continue.

PAMA’s clients include well established multinational companies having globally benchmarked talent management practices, as well as domestic players with an interest in developing globally competitive capability and talent management programs. Our wide network of consultants collaborates closely to ensure that we can match our knowledge and expertise to our clients’ business needs.


The Indian Logistics sector is a major contributor to the country’s growth and is integral to the progress of almost all other industries, including infrastructure projects. The government has facilitated a conducive environment for the Logistics sector by introducing GST and increasing investments in building dedicated corridors for road and rail transport. The presence of a large number of players in the industry has made it fragmented but a consolidation drive is fast becoming the latest trend defining the development activity in the Logistics sector.

PAMA Network, we have a team of experts who have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the Logistics and supply chain talent landscape. We value each of our client’s unique needs and preferences and help them by identifying the right talent basis their requirements in the changing Indian business landscape. We have a seamless approach to select the appropriate candidate to meet and sometimes even exceed the expectations of our clients.

Media & Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment industry in India has been making high growth strides, impacted by sustained technological innovation. Being one of the biggest beneficiaries of the country’s favourable demographics, this sector creates exciting opportunities and offers more choice to the Indian consumer. The digital transformation and the accompanying onslaught of social media have radically altered the consumption pattern of the content by consumers all around the world, thus making the global audience more homogenized. In a bid to constantly think of new and innovative ways to keep themselves ahead of their competitors, companies are increasingly focusing on their quality of talent.

At PAMA we bring out-of-the-box solutions to identify the right blend of skills needed to address these challenges. We are well positioned to provide customised talent solutions that help our clients to identify talent. Over the few years, we have carried out varied projects for our M&E clients for senior executive searches. We have the expertise to work across all segments of the industry such as publishing, broadcasting and cable, film and music production, new media and marketing services.

Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas sector in India has been a witness to global fluctuation in the price and volume of petroleum products that saw prices plunging to the lowest from the highest within a decade. The Oil and Gas sector in India is a significant influencer in the major decision-making process for all other sectors in the economy. As the demand for energy keeps rising globally, the demand for skilled manpower to steer the industry keeps rising exponentially.

At PAMA Network, we offer a broad range of talent solutions to address the shifting needs and demands of our clients and candidates. We are proficient at understanding the specific needs of our clients in this highly specialized industry. Hence, we have become the favored partners by delivering value through our tailor-made solutions to clients. We understand that in order to succeed in today’s changing landscape, companies need to re-organize themselves to drive innovation and reserve value. And, with our professional approach, we help our clients achieve this goal and excel in this ever-changing environment.

Outsourcing & Offshoring

India is the preferred destination for Outsourcing and Offshoring (O&O) services. O&O capabilities evolved because of advancements in information technology, which led local markets all over the world to converge to become one global marketplace. Owing to these transformations, there have been significant displacements in workforce requirements at all sites.

However, the once disruptive industry is in the process of getting disrupted by new technologies and other trends including artificial intelligence and expansion drives by erstwhile domestic companies, as they look to establish bases in the same offshore markets from where they had diverted the tasks. This further restructuring of job markets is leading to a major reshuffle in the sourcing of skilled manpower from all across the world, fueling demand for talented workforce from India domestically as well as globally.

Pharma, Lifesciences, Devices & Diagnostics

A gradual shift has been underway in the Indian Pharmaceutical sector where the technological advancements have been taking inroads into the development, testing phases of various new drugs, disrupting the erstwhile processes to unfold innovations to create new opportunities and an evolved business model.

Complementing the change of pace for the Industry, the space is being heavily contested by small- and medium-level enterprises, which are very agile and growing at a rapid pace. In the fast-evolving environment, the need of the Industry to find reliable talent, which can boost creativity and prove a contributor towards the profitability of the company through innovation, becomes a high priority.

Through our decades of experience in the industry, we understand that the product development cycle for the Pharma sector is a long-drawn process. It is thus important for our clients to find reliable talent who have the ability to focus on product innovation in the long run. We are committed to providing time bound and high-quality value-added search solutions for a wide range of executive and managerial roles.